Service Over Self
As of July 2010:
  • Our volunteers, 260 active youth, across Georgetown County, have performed 8000+ education and community service hours from July 1, 2009 to present.
  • SOS youth created four Public Service Announcements to help stop juvenile delinquent behavior. They focused on the prevention of Youth Pregnancy, Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and Gang/Bully Violence.
  • SOS has participated in over 144 different community volunteer projects since its inception and continues to seek new opportunities.
  • Trough the Baskervill Food Drives, our youth collect enough food to feed many families throughout the year.
  • 80 youth participated in leadership training at the SOS Summer Funshops in July 2009. We averaged 70 to 90 students a day for the 2010 Summer Funshops.
  • SOS youth served as camp counselors to the Georgetown City Police Department's G.R.E.A.T. Camp that was held in June and July 2009. This camp was offered to third through sixth graders in Georgetown.
  • SOS youth served as Computer Lab Monitors for the Salvation Army's After School Program every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the 09-10 School year.
  • The students of Service Over Self have saved Georgetown County over $12,000 in Volunteer Service Hours. In other words, they would have had to pay an individual to do the work the students did for them.
  • SOS has awarded to date, $38,350 in College Scholarships.
  • In 2010, Service Over Self youth have received 54 Presidential Awards for Community Service.
  • 100% Graduation rate amongst all active youth volunteers.